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St. Johns Veterinary Hospital

Senior Cats

a chart comparing the ages of cats to humans

Love Your Senior Cat!

Cats are considered to be entering their senior years at age seven.

Senior cats require:

  • More frequent exams

  • Palatable, highly digestible diet

  • Monitoring for excessive thirst

  • Easy access to litter boxes

  • Monitoring for excessive urination

Old cat sitting on cat bed

Senior Cat Wellness Exams

17% of middle age and older cats that appear healthy upon physical examination have an underlying disease. Wellness Exams help us detect early-stage disease when control or even prevention is possible and also provide a baseline from which we can measure changes.

These tests include:

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Serum Chemistry Profile

  • Complete Urinalysis

  • Parasite Exam

  • Thyroid Hormone Levels

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